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Rob Mayoff
1204 W. 39th St.
Austin, TX 78756

Summary of Work Experience: Extensive experience programming with C++, C, Perl, Tcl, AOLserver, Oracle, Apache/mod_perl, CORBA, Java, SQL, Unix/Linux, and DOS, and administering Unix, Windows, and Macintosh networks.

Skills: C, C++, Java, Perl, Bourne/Korn Shell, Tcl, Expect, HTML, CORBA (Visibroker), SQL (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, PostgreSQL), Unix (AIX, SunOS, BSD, Linux), PowerPC assembly, Macintosh, Windows 95/NT.

Employment History

RGM Advisors, LLC 5/2002-Present
(Last update: 2009/02/16)

Principal, System Architect, Senior Programmer, automated financial instrument trading operation.

ArsDigita Corporation 4/2000-10/2001

Programmer, ArsDigita Community System. Implemented Java caching package, including limited support for network-wide cache synchronization. Improved caching in ACS/Tcl. Performed code review for various components in both ACS/Tcl and ACS/Java, including request processing pipeline, security, and metadata. Implemented PDF report generation. Investigated distributed session support for ACS/Java.

Programmer, ArsDigita release of AOLserver. Added international character set support and Tcl cache API and fixed numerous bugs in AOLserver and the Oracle driver. Provided general technical support within the company and to the ACS community for AOLserver, Oracle, and ACS.

Programmer, CORBA and EJB interfaces to the ArsDigita Community System (ACS).

Programmer, mod_aolserver (Apache module that emulates enough of the AOLserver API to run the ArsDigita Community System)., under contract, Austin, TX 4/1999-3/2000

Programmer, Product database. Helped implement bulk loading of merchant data into Oracle database using Perl.

Programmer, Text search engine. Extended the search engine interface (implemented in Tcl and C) to support new search types.

Performance Consultant, Apache/mod_perl web service. Added memory and CPU profiling instrumentation to the perl interpreter. Analyzed performance of custom web server code. Suggested and implemented performance enhancements. Customized Squid for improved performance as an HTTP accelerator.

IBM, under contract, Austin, TX 12/1997-3/1999

Customer Engagement Specialist, Component Broker. Train customers in use of IBM Component Broker ("CB"). Assist in design, development, and deployment of CB pilot projects in C++ and Java. CB is a CORBA-based middleware product, including an ORB, many CORBA services, frameworks for building servers, and tools for object development and systems management.

The Kernel Group, Inc., Austin, TX 8/1993-12/1997

Lead Architect, Weather Emergency Management System for Long Island Railroad. Designed a multi-user system for management of personnel and equipment during snowstorms and other weather- related emergencies. Windows 95-based Visual Basic client, AIX- based Oracle server.

Lead Architect/Programmer, Quotron Monitoring System. Designed and implemented a tool for monitoring status of mission-critical trading floor servers. Netscape Navigator-based client, AIX- based server, both written in Java.

Lead Architect/Programmer, Identity Broker for Health System of Minnesota. Designed an AIX-based high-availability multi-tier architecture for patient record cross-referencing across legacy systems and implemented the back-end Sybase database and mid- level Java server, including CORBA and TCP interfaces. Wrote programmer's guide.

Consultant, Community Person Index for Healthdyne. Wrote a white paper describing the purpose and architecture of the record tracking system.

Architect/Programmer, V-STAR for Henry Ford Health System. Designed and implemented an AIX-based high-availability multi- session host-application access system in C, including Tcl scripting support and VT220 and 3270 emulation.

Programmer, SCTrace. Added significant functionality to and fixed bugs in SCTrace, a tool for tracing the execution of any AIX program.

Architect/Programmer, Billing database for The Kernel Group. Extensive design and implementation work in SQL, C, Perl, and Korn shell for company Informix database for tracking employee time and company projects, including many reports and Web integration.

Programmer, Serial protocol drivers for Cloverleaf Integration Engine. Implemented serial protocol drivers in C for Cloverleaf Integration Engine (a protocol translator) to communicate with point-of-sale credit-card readers.

Programmer, AIX ports of Tivoli Management Environment. Ported TME versions 1.7 and 2.0 (over 1.2 million lines of C, C++, and Bourne shell scripts) to AIX 3.2 and 4.1. TME is a comprehensive distributed, object-oriented network management system. Wrote a document describing the porting effort.

Programmer, Operating system maintenance under contract with IBM. Fixed NFS and X.25-related bugs in AIX. Fixed network bugs in OS/2.

Network Administrator, Maintained company network. Designed, implemented, and maintained comprehensive mail installation for Unix, Windows, and Macintosh computers with routing to the Internet and to customers via private links, using sendmail, Pine, Elm, Eudora, and Netscape Navigator. Implemented and maintained ISDN Internet connection using Cisco and Ascend equipment and BSDI-based Internet firewall. Installed and maintained ISDN telecommuter access facilities using Ascend, Nortel, and Gandalf equipment. General technical support including installation and maintenance of Windows 95 and NT and AIX.

Vindicator Corp., Austin, TX 8/1992-7/1993

Programmer, ECS-5000 Intrusion Detection and Entry Control System for US Government Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Implemented Ingres database and administrator interface for a Sun-based high security physical plant monitoring system in C and SQL.

Network Administrator, Installed and maintained UUCP connection for Internet e-mail. Installed and maintained company-wide Novell network.

EDS Research, Austin, TX 10/1990-7/1992

Network Administrator, Installed and maintained lab network of Sun and Macintosh computers. Installed and maintained mail system including sendmail, Microsoft Mail, cc:Mail, mail gateways, UUCP connection for Internet e-mail, and mail routing to research headquarters via leased line. Configured and maintained lab PBX. Provided general technical support including programming in Perl, C, and SQL.

IBM, Dallas, TX 6/1990-8/1990

Intern, Large Systems Support.

Nirvana Systems, Inc., Austin, TX 2/1990-4/1990

Programmer, Wrote modules in a proprietary, BASIC-like language for connecting an unreleased DOS product to financial systems and analysis tools such as Dow Jones and Lotus 1-2-3.

IBM, Dallas, TX 6/1989-8/1989

Intern, Mid-Range Systems Support.

IBM, Dallas, TX 6/1988-8/1988

Intern, Displaywrite Division.