AOLserver Weekly Chat

by Rob Mayoff

What, When, and Where

What: The AOLserver weekly chat is a discussion of topics including AOLserver, Tcl, SQL, ACS, and general web-related topics.

When: Every Thursday at 20:00 UTC.

Where: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chat room AOLserver on exchange 4.

US Time Zones

For those in the US, the local times are:

Time Zone Summer Winter
Eastern 4 PM 3 PM
Central 3 PM 2 PM
Mountain 2 PM 1 PM
Pacific 1 PM Noon

Getting on AIM

You do not need to be an AOL subscriber to use AIM. You simply need an AIM client and an AIM handle.

Windows and Macintosh Users

You can download the standard AIM client and register for a login here: <>.

Unix/Linux Users

You can download the TiK AIM client, which requires Tcl/Tk 8.1 or later, here: <>. Or you can get a stripped-down version of TiK, called MiniTik, here: <>. Or you can get GAIM, an AIM client written in C using the Gtk+ toolkit, here: <>. Then you can get an AIM handle here: <>.

Getting into the AOLserver Chat Room

You may be able to get into the AOLserver chat room by clicking this link: <aim:GoChat?RoomName=AOLserver>.

If that doesn't work, try inviting yourself to the chat room.

For the Windows or Macintosh client, select People -> Send Chat Invitation. You will get a "Chat Invitation" dialog box. Clear out any names in the "Screen names to invite" box and type in your own screen name. Clear out anything in the "Chat room" field and type in "AOLserver". Then click send.

For the TiK client, try this: in your "Buddy List" window, you should have a button labelled "Chat". Click it. In the "Screen Names to Invite" box, put your own handle and delete any others. In the "Location" or "Name of Buddy Chat Room" box, put "AOLserver". Then click "Send" or "Invite".

As a last resort if nothing else works, try sending an instant message to quixotus (that's me) or ianmfink asking for an invitation.

If you're using TiK, then you can add the AOLserver chat room to your menus. Choose Packages/Quick Chat/New Quick Chat from the menu bar. For "Menu Label", put "AOLserver". For "Chat Room", again put "AOLserver". For "Exchange", put 4 (which is the default, so you shouldn't need to change it). Then click "Ok". Now if you pull down the Packages/Quick Chat menu, you should see an item named "AOLserver", which will bring up the AOLserver chat room.