Bernie's Photo Albums

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All photographs on this site were taken by me.  For permission to reuse please send a note to bernie-albums at
These  are photographs of me in "moulage", make-up, used to add realism to a training session for police, soldiers, EMS and physicians in the event of any sort of crisis which requires EMS personnel to accompany a tactical SWAT team.  The training took place in Richardson, Texas on October 15-16, 2003 and was part of the International Tactical EMS Association conference.  The complete moulage kit was lost the night before this make-up was applied, so this make-up was done using an backup kit of limited supplies.  The moulage was organized and applied by Erin Clancy of Poughkeepsie, NY.   The wound simulates an actual gunshot wound to the head and are quite graphic.